January 3rd Meeting to Plan Anti-war Actions to Mark 6 Years of Iraq War & Occupation

Meeting to plan Twin Cities anti-war events to mark six years of war and occupation in Iraq.

Saturday, January 3
1:00 PM
Mayday Bookstore
301 Cedar Ave. South

March 2009 will mark the the sixth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

This anniversary is quickly approaching.

The occupation of Iraq continues as the blood of innocent Iraqis and of U.S. troops continues to be spilled.

At the same time, the war in Afghanistan grows, with no end in sight.

You are invited to attend a meeting to plan a protest to mark the 6th anniversary of the war with a call for an end to the war and to bring the troops home.

In the past five years protests have been organized here in Minnesota and around the country to mark the start of the war.

In the Twin Cities, these protests have been organized by a broad range of groups.

Please join us for an initial planning meeting on Saturday, January 3 at 1:00 PM at May Day Bookstore, 301 Cedar Ave. South on the West Bank in Minneapolis.

The agenda for the meeting will include a discussion of ideas for what to do, where and when to do it, and what the basic slogans or demands should be.

The January 3rd meeting has been initiated by member groups of the Iraq Peace Action Coalition.

We hope you or another member of your organization can attend.

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