Saturday meeting, leaflets and Gaza rally

*) Meeting to continue planning for the March 21st protest to mark 6 years of war and occupation.

Saturday, January 17
11:30 AM
Mayday Bookstore
301 Cedar Ave. South

Agenda will include locations/permits discussion, outreach and more.

The Saturday meeting was moved to 11:30 AM so people are able to participate in the demonstration at 2:00 PM in solidarity with Gaza. Details on the demonstration are below.

*) The first printing of 1000 1/2 sheet leaflets for the March 21st protest are done and are available at Mayday Bookstore. Another printing can be done to have more copies available at the Saturday meeting. If you need a large number of copies to use in the next week, please send a reply back to this e-mail with how many you will need.

*) Rally for Gaza
Saturday, January 17
2:00 PM
Loring Park, Minneapolis

Our hope is to organize a large community demonstration to show our support for the people of Gaza, to say no to US military aid to Israel, and to demand a cease-fire. Please encourage your friends, colleagues, and family members to come! Organized by the MN Coalition for Gaza.

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