Tuesday News Conference After Escalation Speech

With the Obama Afghanistan war escalation speech occurring Tuesday evening, the plans that we have discussed at recent IPAC coalition meetings are being put into motion.

1) News Conference – Tuesday, December 1
There will be a news conference Tuesday evening right after the speech ends. A news release is going out inviting the press to the Mayday Bookstore at 7:00 PM. When the speech is over there will be very brief 1 (one) minute statements. The reporters will be in a big hurry to make deadlines, so we will need to be fast.

After the news conference there will be a brief organizing meeting for the Saturday, December 5 protest. This meeting will deal with logistics, signs, banners, peacekeepers etc.

2) A leaflet is being prepared for the Saturday protest. Copies will be available at Mayday Tuesday evening.

3) An IPAC meeting had been set for this Saturday, December 5 at 1:00, with the understanding that if the escalation was announced, the protest would change the meeting time. The meeting will be held shortly after the protest ends. A location will be announced.

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  1. Obama to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan; Activists will march Wednesday, protest Saturday | Anti-War Committee

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