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  1. peace1

     /  September 25, 2008

    The Iraq Peace Action Coalition is antiwar coaltion based in the Twin Cities, around the demand to bring the troops home from Iraq now.

    • Marie

       /  September 28, 2010

      There is an out of Afghanistan rally/bannering on Oct. 16th coming up, right? Can anyone tell me if this will be a march or just in one location?? Thanks!

    • Alex Cortes - L.A. NOIR

       /  September 5, 2011

      Please check out this video when you have a chance.

      Alex Cortes
      L.A. NOIR

  2. PLEASE READ ALL ~ and help prevent reinstating the military draft.

    1) I do not think the media is doing a good job in explaining to the American public just who William Ayers was at one time in our history. Maybe through your contacts you can get the below information out.

    The media has let McCain/Palin’s statements that William Ayers was a domestic terrorist go challenged and I think that is wrong and unfair to the American public and Mr. Ayers.

    Put simply William Ayers was a Vietnam Anti-War protester.

    An excellent example to show to America the difference would be:
    William Ayers ~ Vietnam anti-war protester and
    Timothy McVeigh ~ a real domestic terrorist.

    Depending on whom you ask Bill Ayers could be viewed as a terrorist or as an American hero. I bet to some mother or father whose child did not have to go to Vietnam because of his efforts to end that war he is a hero.

    Americans are already protesting our involvement in the Iraq war. At the debates the protesters were there but the media did not show them and at the last debate it turned bloody.

    Right now somewhere out there in America someone’s son or daughter or grandchild is turning into a William Ayers and as the Iraq war escalates so will the war protesters and their methods of protesting this war. At some point it will turn violent and I think that the media should be pointing this out. And the reason it turns violent is because the very people “we” put in power do NOT listen to the voice of the people.

    Proof: Look at the bailout bill and the arrogance Congress showed us by adding pork to it. They dare to do anything and only when people such as Bill Ayers step out and stand up to them do they stop.

    2) THE DRAFT: Another subject of HIGH IMPORTANCE that the American people are not hearing about is:
    If McCain wins this election he will HAVE TO reinstate the military draft. No where is the media talking about this. There is already information on the internet about this very subject and it is clear to any logical thinking person that either we must withdraw from this war or we must reinstate the draft to continue with it.



    YOU NEED TO KNOW that the military goes to your children’s schools NOW to recruit them for war.


    I think Americans needs to know this BEFORE THEY VOTE.

    Thank you.

    Betsie Rakoczy

  3. For the more perceptive anti-war organization leaders……

    Do not the ongoing wars prove that the peace and anti-war organization leaders have not yet learned the inherently existent process to manifest their espousals against opposition?

    Does not the accurate answer distinguish wise people from those who function and fail on denial?

    If the more perceptive peace and anti-war organization leaders wish to form a temporary group among themselves, and request, I may convey to them the process to effect their espousals against any opposition.

    The process is merely knowledge derived from a synthesis of a greater diversity of data than institutionally trained minds encounter. Institutional involvement limits the time available for learning a greater diversity of knowledge.

    A certain few questions can verify that the minds of all military and government leaders want peace, by design of the human mind, a contradiction identification and resolution device. Several more questions of a rarely recognized nature, presented in a certain format, can cause those minds to become exponentially self-anguished until they escape by easily resolving their illuminated contradictions, by design of the human mind.

    No human can escape the design of the mind, by design.

    May you learn the most knowledge of the most concepts, most efficiently.



  4. Folks, can you put up the details regarding the 12/5/09 peace march?


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